Two Gentle Easy Moves to Relieve Your Tension

Move Better, Feel Better and Have More Energy!

Gemnastics helps you:

  • Improve posture and balance while building confidence and trust in your body.
  • Become more physically active, with less risk of injury.
  • Redirect and relieve body tension so you can move effortlessly and easily.
  • Have more energy through moving the body and quieting the mind.

Your Instructor

Peggy Norwood Stella, M.A.
Peggy Norwood Stella, M.A.

From gymnastics competitor and coach to creating and teaching GEMNASTICS™, Peggy has a passion for the human body, in form and in motion. She holds a Masters degree in Health and Human Performance from East Carolina University, having studied both exercise physiology and biomechanics. She applies her knowledge and 40 years of experience to help her students move with greater ease and freedom. Her priority is to promote feelings of safety in moving the body, without fear of judgment, failure, or injury. She believes in finding joy in moving your body and that physical fitness simply enhances your ability to have fun doing what you love. Peggy finds her joy in dance, having trained and competed extensively in International Latin. She also carries a lifetime love and passion for horses and is certified in Equine Interactive Coaching. She, her husband Paul, and her equine partner Dill, a 15 year old Appaloosa, currently live in Honeoye Falls, New York.

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